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At your side for important decisions

For over ten years, we have been searching for and choosing creative and managerial talent, who are able to bring quality to the complex organisations operating within the fashion and luxury goods sector.

The difference between
success and quality

AERRE PARTNERS, an independent company founded by Riccardo Adamo in 2004, is a leader in searching for designers and talent executives in the fashion and luxury goods sector.

Partnership is our way of relating.

We work alongside our clients with passion and determination.
We identify with their problems and take on the values and culture of their company, continuously involving each other in developing solutions that are the most suited to the development strategies of their intellectual capital.


We connect the right person
to the right job

Every operation in human resources has a significant impact on an individual company and the careers of many people.
Because of this, we keep in close contact with our clients; in order to identify the right candidates who are able to satisfy the specific demands of the company. Competent people, motivated and in harmony with the working environment.

Best alone, better together

AERRE PARTNERS expresses the best in the Fashion & Luxury sectors thanks to the expertise of individuals within the group. A working team where the capacity and competence of everyone makes it possible to identify candidates according to our clients' needs and wishes.

close profile
Riccardo Adamo
Owner and Founder
Riccardo has an in-depth knowledge of the international fashion and luxury goods sector, matured through 25 years of working in top management positions for companies and organisations such as Simint (Armani group), Ratti, and Ungaro-Paris (Ferragamo group).
He founded AERRE PARTNERS in 2004, as a modern way of innovatively responding to the demands of a market that continuously searches for new talent.

Success is within
everyone's grasp,
but it does
not last.
Quality is
a possession
that characterises
your essence.
close profile
Federica Magistro
Recruiting & Head Hunting
Manages all activities and relations with International Executives and Designers.

Email federica.magistro@aerrepartners.com
close profile
Elisa Zannoni
Recruiting & Head Hunting Manager
Manages all activities and relations with International Executives and Designers.

Email elisa.zannoni@aerrepartners.com
close profile
Fiorina Iorio
Recruiting & Head Hunting Specialist
Manages international scouting activities and relationships with middle management.

Email fiorina.iorio@aerrepartners.com
close profile
Martine Beuchat
Back Office Supervisor
Responsible of data Entry and back office activities.

Email martine.beuchat@aerrepartners.com
close profile
Martina Ferretti
Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator
Coordinates the activities and relations with clients and candidates.

Email martina.ferretti@aerrepartners.com
close profile
Lorenzo Adamo
Recruiting & Head Hunting
Manages international scouting activities and relationships with middle management.

Email lorenzo.adamo@aerrepartners.com