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Code of conduct

The work that we do has a significant and direct impact on the lives of thousands of individuals, in particular clients, associates, colleagues and their families.
Every day, all of us devote ourselves to helping people realise and manage their professional careers in the new world of work.
The importance of work, and what we do to help people find it cannot be emphasised enough. Work defines our identity.
It can give our lives purpose and meaning.
It allows us to apply our talent in relation to the company.
It is essential for our economic well-being.
It is the means with which we can realise our dreams.
Our capacity to help others realise their dreams depends entirely on the trust and loyalty that lies within us.
Trust and loyalty are the most precious commodities of our activity, however they cannot be bought or made, but only earned.
Therefore our commitment is to earn the trust and loyalty of our colleagues, clients, shareholders, and the community in which we work, as well as each of us to work according to the company code of conduct, and to our core values of respect, honesty and integrity with which we have been endowed.
Only by creating a favourable environment for hard work and business in this way, are we able to guarantee success for many more years to come.