We walk our Clients
thru the
Digital Transformation.


What Does Transformation Mean?

The ability to make the most of all the opportunities that the market offers us.

To go beyond the Darwinian ability to adapt, to be flexible, to survive, but we want to become the true agents of change, the first in the industry, those to look-up to, those to be inspired by.

Why Aerre?

D/Vision is the business unit specialized in the search for leaders in the digital world, which by its nature requires profiles characterized by strong technical/technological skills combined with a long-term strategic vision.

Digitization of processes, products and services:

these are the challenges to survive and grow in the digital era. Awareness of the importance of digital transformation is understood by most of the industry but less than 10% of Fashion & Luxury Goods companies have completed digital transformation projects involving the entire organization.

Digital is no longer a mere channel, but a new, permeating approach to organization. We build teams that is are able to conceive, lead and infuse digital culture within their company, bringing the necessary added value.


Specialized in People Management, we offer targeted services able to evaluate the candidate both from a strategic perspective and from a more technical point of view.

Thanks to a partnership with professionals with 20 years of experience in the digital field, we are also able to technically cover the entire omnichannel funnel: from awareness, through consideration and purchase to retention and advocacy.

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People management
Full digital assessment
Assessment of the ability to optimize sales (I.E. Up-sell, cross-sell)
Assessment of the ability to bring quality traffic (I.E. Digital marketing, social, seo, crm)
Assessment of the ability to convert traffic (I.E. Conversion rate optimization, user experience, user interface)
Assessment of customer engagement skills (i.e. content, product & service design)


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