We walk our Clients
thru the
Digital Transformation.


What Does Transformation Mean?

The ability to make the most of all the opportunities that the market offers us.

To go beyond the Darwinian ability to adapt, to be flexible, to survive, but we want to become the true agents of change, the first in the industry, those to look-up to, those to be inspired by.

Why Aerre?

D/Vision is the Business Unit specialized in offering services and customized digital content to companies in the Fashion & Luxury Goods sectors.

Our distinctive value lies in specialization:

Every person is a Media,
we enhance its potential for you.


We offer made-to-measure services that are able to cover the whole omni-channel funnel, with the objective of generating awareness, consideration, conversion, retention, advocacy:

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Full Digital Assessment
We perform competition analysis through active benchmarking and on-field dedicated market research. Then, we perform a snapshot of the Brand on all key indicators for a successful digital business activity among all steps of the funnel. We operate the improvements and the desired growth, both thru organic activities (together with Brand’s internal team) or thru due diligence and M&A.

OBJECTIVE: To identify the industry best practices and evolve the Brand to become the best-in-class in the selected field.
Product And Service Design
We start from customers analysis, including the accurate review of the brand’s demographic and all available behavioral data, leading to the creation of the most relevant personas and their user journeys across channels. We design together with the main decision makers the new features/products/services starting from a prototype until the go-live.

OBJECTIVE: Evolve the current Brand’s assets/touchpoints (i.e. site, app, etc…), based on the match of customer’s need and corporate assets.
Art direction
We study your Brand, we define together solutions always new thanks to an expert team of creatives. All reinforced by our knowledge of the digital world. The perimeter is fluid, we move from photography to video-making, from design to fashion styling.

OBJECTIVE: To develop the visual part of the Brand, translating concepts, messages, feelings and ideas into images capable of strengthening the brand identity.
Content factory
We listen to your needs and create an ad-hoc content production plant: the strategy comes from you, while all the operations are managed by us, in full-outsourcing mode. We cover digital and traditional content at 360°.

OBJECTIVE: We study with you a partnership model that reduces fixed costs, transforming them into variables and increasing the quality and volumes managed.
Brand identity
Starting from the company brief, we develop the Visual Identity: logo, favicon, color palette, typography, iconography, brand manual, promo material, stationary, media kit, corporate presentations, institutional video etc....

OBJECTIVE: The coherence of all digital assets as a starting point of your omni-channel communication.
Content management
We manage day-by-day all your content needs, even on-demand. We are able to produce text content, photos, video, audio, up to Virtual Reality and 3D. We always start from the Business objective.

OBJECTIVE: Engaging content that primarily converts, increase the value of the brand, the number of customers, transactions, foot traffic, etc...
Digital Advertising
We define together a quantitative objective and develop a Digital Marketing plan to achieve it. Once the plan is defined, we take care of the operational management by activating all Media, mainly Paid and Social, in each individual step of the funnel.

OBJECTIVE: To reach the targets (i.e. increase awareness, consideration, conversion) by capturing the full potential of the market and maintaining the right level of Costs and Return-On-Advertising-Spent.
Social media caring
We provide a team that, as a first level customer care, works daily to manage the needs of your customers and make your Brand relevant, increasing engagement.

OBJECTIVE: Guarantee a seamless customer experience, ensuring a prompt response to all the needs of your customers.