Our vocation is
to identify the
best creatives talents.



Don’t fear the unknown.
Create your own destiny.
Use your gifts to inspire.


LAB is the business unit dedicated to the world of Creativity.
We are the link between the best creative talents and companies in the Fashion & Luxury Goods sectors.

Our distinctive value lies in specialization:

A springboard, a platform
from which the best designers in the world
can take off directing them in a personalized way
towards the most suitable company to
welcome their creativity.



We follow and encourage the best creative talents able to think in an authentic, original and projectual way.

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With consolidated skills combined with a deep knowledge of the system codes, Aerre Lab is able to offer:

Designer Head Hunting
Aerre Lab searches and selects creative talents, designers who think and work in an authentic, innovative, projectual and original way.
Designer Career development
We support and assist designers in the analysis and evaluation of their professional objectives and we share and take care of their ideal strategy.
Designer Coaching
We provide consultancy for the professional development of creative directors, for the training of emerging designers and for the strengthening of the style offices of fashion companies and international brands.
Designer Brand empowerment
We are dedicated to designers for due-diligence activities dedicated to personal brands, for the research and selection of distribution, commercial and marketing companies as well as for the search of financial or industrial partners, for licensing and co-branding contracts and the selection of capsule-collections and special projects.