We are a leader in the
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Being talented means having courage, having ideas and communicating them, be able to dream, try to emerge, take risks and do know how to involve other people in their projects.


TALENT is the historical aim of the company, the area that represents the company’s core business, leader in the search for designers and talent executives in the Fashion & Luxury Goods sectors.

Our distinctive value lies in specialization:

Like a dress, just one of a kind.
We tailor – since our birth – the most
adequate service to your needs.


We look for and select
the best managerial talents of today and tomorrow:

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With more than 400 successful projects in the last 5 years at international level in this field, Aerre Talent is the ideal partner, competent and reliable in supporting passionate and visionary entrepreneurs and companies.

OBJECTIVE: Identify management teams, C-Levels and Leadership team members, able to understand the distinctive values of the brands and the evolutionary dynamics of the markets, directing the company towards new and innovative business models.
DIGITAL Digitization of processes, products and services: these are the challenges to survive and grow in the digital era. Awareness of the importance of digital transformation is understood by most companies in the industry, but less than 10% of them have completed organization-wide digital transformation projects.

OBJECTIVE: Identify those talents, at all levels of the perimeter of reference, who can conceive, lead and infuse digital culture within the target organization, bringing the necessary added value.
marketing & sales
Communication, brand promotion and sales increase are fundamental assets for every business that has a well-defined Sales and Marketing strategy. To achieve these goals, it is necessary that each company is equipped with resources properly trained and competent.

OBJECTIVE: To identify managers who have the task of establishing important sales and communication strategies that will contribute decisively to the success of the company's business.
Supply Chain & Operations
Technological innovation, digitalization, industry 4.0, are all factors of change that are leading these areas to quickly and radically redesign their business model, their approach to markets and their mission, in a value chain that is often more integrated. The wide and consolidated expertise gained by the team of Aerre Talent in the context of reference is able to provide added value to all those companies that are looking for managers who know how to make a difference in the short term, but above all are able to ensure the development of the company in the long term.

OBJECTIVE: To search and identify managers with a global approach, strongly innovation-oriented, who can think "out of the box" and lead change processes with leadership, creating within the company a true and deep-rooted team spirit.
The Consumer is rapidly transforming into a digital expert with a relevant impact on the shopping experience, radically changing the concept of distribution model. Retail is evolving dramatically: Companies that are able to take advantage of such a phase of discontinuity are destined to gain a significant competitive advantage.

OBJECTIVE: Identify managers who are prepared, resilient, competent and visionary, and able to drive the process at all levels of the organization.
Corporate & Services
Aerre Talent has gained specialized skills in the organization and management of Human Resources in over 30 years of professional experience at the highest levels, in the Fashion and Luxury Goods sectors. The utmost attention to business needs, the concreteness and dedication to the achievement of results and the creation of value for its customers, the network of relationships and partnerships developed in Italy and internationally, are the best guarantees of quality and success of our work.

OBJECTIVE: To guarantee companies a wide range of services in the field of Human Resources, from organizational and management consulting, personnel outsourcing and organization, to research and selection and training activities. With the ambition of creating soon the first specialized HR factory firm for the Fashion and Luxury Goods sectors.