We research, identify,
facilitate licensing and Brand transfer agreements.



Diversity is the one thing we all truly have in common.
Licensing is the tool that allows
companies to complement each other.


TRADEMARK is the area dedicated to consulting services, brands & licensing for companies in the Fashion & Luxury Goods sectors.

Our distinctive value lies in specialization:

We turn challenges into opportunities.
With a pragmatic and Win-Win
approach for all actors involved.


We research, identify and facilitate licensing and/or trademark agreements for companies in the Fashion/Luxury Goods sectors:

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In recent years the fashion industry has undergone a substantial evolution of licensing contracts, becoming an effective strategic tool mainly aimed at the progressive growth of the main national and international fashion houses. In the license agreement for the use of a trademark, the licensor, owner of the industrial property rights, grants the licensee, temporarily and upon payment of pre- established royalties, the right to use the trademark. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most suitable commercial tools to achieve the main growth objectives linked to turnover, the range of products/ services available as well as their diffusion on a large scale.

OBJECTIVE: to guarantee a personalized service dedicated not only to the research of single licensees and to the relative strategic analysis but also to the development of the brand, following each client scrupulously in the stipulation of the license agreement.
Brands M&A
Acquisitions in the market of companies in the Fashion and Luxury Goods sectors do not stop. The growth is constant: a new kind of M&A is emerging that does not only look at the concentration of brands to create large luxury poles, but is oriented towards aggregations at various levels of market positioning, in a more modern view of integration and system.

OBJECTIVE: to guarantee, with a proactive approach, the right support to companies and entrepreneurs who have embarked on their own path of acquiring brands in order to promote corporate growth through external channels in addition to their traditional business.