encapsulated in the definition of one of our biggest customers:

” …Then there are those who do without saying.
They keep without promising.
They are there without being there.
Because They Are, without needing to appear.”

the team

Riccardo Adamo
Founder & CEO

A Journey of over 30 years

A track-record defined by destiny, a life of privileged, because if you choose a job you love you will find that you don’t have to work a single day in your life.

Arrived for now to count three lives:

1. Four-year high-school in London, 

2. Degree in Political Science in Italy, Master in Project Management and Marketing in the USA, more than twenty years as  Top Manager of listed companies in the fashion system – Simint (Armani Group), Ratti and Ungaro-Paris (Ferragamo Group),

3. Entrepreneur in the Fashion System & Luxury Goods services sector

"Our destiny is formed by our thoughts and actions. We cannot change the wind but we can steer the sails".

our Historical Team

People seemingly ordinary but with the extraordinary capacity to achieve objectives out of the ordinary. 

Teamwork is indispensable if you want to achieve success and obtain great satisfaction, because one person can never cover all the roles necessary for the realization of a project.
Not to mention that confronting each other, listening to different opinions and searching with others for a solution to a problem or the key to effectively convey a message, really makes the difference.

Working in a team helps you grow and improve

"...and we do this by continuously adding new lifeblood to our team, to innovate, think outside of the box and always put ourselves out there"

The leaders of our 4 divisions:









our approach

We are real Partners: serious, reliable, faithful and reserved.

A unique selling proposition in the market devoted to the loyalty of relationships and to a generation of value that can be consolidated over time.

We don’t like “one-shot” operations,
on the contrary we are devoted to determine an 

exclusive perimeter of "Travel Companions" to preserve, protect, guard and support.

It is difficult to become part of the “club” and thus access the “made to measure” services of which we are skilled providers.

We are the modern, dynamic, win-win answer to a market increasingly permeated by dynamism and flexibility,
in the Fashion and Luxury Goods sectors.